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Individual Return: 


Start at $275 - We charge $75 for each additional state needed. (Individual return package of $275 includes 1 federal return and 1 state return - We charge per return, not per person, so MFJ is considered one return, MFS is considered 2 returns).


Please note, we reserve the right to increase the rate above depending on the complexity of the tax return up to $100 (Examples: High number of investment accounts and stock sales to enter, complex employee stock options received, Complex K-1 and required basis analysis, meeting with a financial adviser to decide retirement options, etc). The client will be notified before completion to decide if they want us to continue the work. We make sure to be as upfront as possible about all our charges. 


Military Returns: We appreciate all the military personnel and families do for our country, but we have found that they are better served by using a tax office specializing in complex military returns with multiple residencies, etc. So we will no longer be preparing complex military personnel returns, only for clients who work and live and have residence in the same state. 


We also reserve the right to increase existing clients +-5% to 10% per year to cover for inflation, staff raises, overhead, tax software increases, etc. 


Dependent's Return: Start at $75 - We charge $25 for each additional state needed. (includes federal return and 1 state return)


FIN 114: If you want us to file for you, we charge $150.00 per person


Business tax returns:


Please note, the rates below for business tax returns DO NOT include bookkeeping. It includes the preparation of the tax forms and associated schedules. If you need us to turn your bank statements and receipts into financials, we charge $125/hour for bookkeeping.


Self-employed: Start at $400 (includes owner's simple attached individual tax return federal and state, we charge an additional $125 per schedule C added, so if the client has 2 businesses, the total cost would be $525.00). 


Rental Property Owners: $200 per rental property in addition to the individual return preparation fee


Sale of Rental Property Reporting: To report the sale of rental property we charge $175 per property


Partnership: Start at $950 (includes free owner's simple individual return)


S-Corp: Start at $950 (includes free owner's simple individual tax return)


C-Corp: Start at $1,100 (includes one free owner's simple individual tax return)


Audit representation: FREE to clients for the tax years we prepared their taxes that are being audited. We charge $150.00 per hour for audit representation, replies, and consulting for tax years we did not prepare the tax return.


Amended returns: We charge the normal rate for the return type or $250 per hour, whichever is less, see above, that's because we have to recreate the original return in order to amend it.


Bookkeeping: $125 / hour depends on complexity. Please note we charge for travel time if we have to go to do work on-site. 


Projections: $250 / hour to run a projection for you. 


Tax Planning Session: We charge based on the value and expertise and how much we can save each client, so this is based on complexity and the level of expertise needed. Feel free to ask for a quote. 


We no longer do Trust/Estates, Non-Profits, and Foreign Tax Returns


Please note:

We don't charge for initial consultations (half an hour for individuals and up to 1 hour for businesses), feel free to make an appt to get an estimate or to see if we are a good fit for each other!


We do not offer free advice to people self-preparing their tax returns, we also don't offer free reviews after tax season of self-prepared returns unless you are looking to hire a tax professional.


We are happy to review new clients' prior year returns as part of our normal tax return preparation process. 


2023 New clients bring a copy of 2022 taxes

Driver’s license & Social Security numbers for ALL taxpayers and Date of Birth


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