Yes, we are currently taking on new clients. 


1. Please check out our Page: under Our Process to see a summary of how we work and how you provide us data. 


2. Please click on client portal and “Sign Up” to create an account at: 


3. Please check out our Page under Services to see our pricing and list of services we provide, we tried to be as transparent as possible. 


4.  Please email us and we will send you a blank Template Log for you to provide us some basic contact information, and to give you a general checklist to help you gather tax documents, etc. 


5. If you have any questions feel free to Click on Contact Us to use our online appointment app to set up a 15 minutes appointment to ask questions in person or via zoom or feel free to email us back any questions or concerns you may have. 


For all new clients we need a complete copy of your prior filed tax returns and if you are a homeowner in VT don’t forget to provide us with a copy of your latest property tax bill. 


Thanks in advance for considering us,




Green Tax Staff